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The Raymar-Telenetics 1510 CSU/DSUs provide unequalled reliability and flexibility. The 1510-1 and 1510-1X models are available in standalone or the new rack mount chassis. The 1510-1 is a single port model which includes a single V.35 (M.34) data port. The 1510-1X adds a DSX-1 "Drop-and-Insert" port. This DSX port allows you to configure your T1 to share the bandwidth capacity. It is perfect for applications like mixed voice and data traffic, allowing you to get the best from your T1 based service. Whether you are sharing the T1 for PBX and router traffic or T1 based video and SNA, the 1510 CSU/DSUs will bring its wide array of features to support your application.
The 1510-1 and 1510-1/1X are packaged in aluminum enclosures with steel front and rear panels, providing a durable enclosure for industrial environments. Front panel controls use dome switches protected by a polycarbonate cover. We also offer high temperature and humidity enhancements.
The standard 1510-1 and 1510-1/1X are operated with 117VAC power. For applications requiring DC power or high temperature conditions, the -48VDC and +130HVDC models operate in temperatures up to 70°C. (These models are perfect for utility companies with SCADA traffic or test applications.)
These popular models feature separate ports for SNMP and local or remote maintenance. The 1510 series delivers the monitoring of ports, network facility and remote sites with critical information displayed with date and time stamped alarm information. Complete SNMP management with real time alarm messages delivered to SNMP tools like ATwork and InfoVista, as well as managers like HP Openview, IBM Netview, and SNMPc.
  • 1510 Spartan
  • Low Cost
  • High Reliability
  • Full or Fractional T1 (ESF or D4) Operation
  • V.35 (M.34) DTE Port (Supports RS-530/RS-449)
  • RS-232 (DB9) Console Port1510 1-1x
  • Rack or Standalone
  • Full SNMP Support
  • LCD and Terminal Interfaces
  • T1/FT1 of T1/FT1 with optional DSX (Drop and Insert)
  • Automatic Framing Conversion for D4 to ESF for DSX (Drop and Insert)1510 2x-4x
  • Two Models / 1510-2X (2 port) / 1510-4 (4 port)
  • Both Models with Drop & Insert DSX-1
  • Front Panel Test Jacks
  • Front Panel LCD Programmable
  • LED Status Indicators for Line and DTEs
  • Time of Day Auto-reconfiguration of Bandwidth
  • Full SNMP Support
Part Number Description
ATL-1510-1 Single Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU, LCD & SNMP
ATL-1510-1-DC Single Port, T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD & SNMP 48VDC
ATL-1510-1-R RM Single port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD & SNMP
ATL-1510-1X Single Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD & SNMP, DSX Port
ATL-1510-1X-DC Single Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD & SNMP, DSX Port 48VDC
ATL-1510-1X-R RM Single Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD, SNMP, & DSX Port
ATL-1510-2P Exp 2 Port Expansion Module for 1510-2X
ATL-1510-2X Dual Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD, SNMP, & DSX Port
ATL-1510-2X-DC Dual Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD, SNMP, DSX Port, 48VDC
ATL-1510-4X 4 Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD, SNMP, & DSX Port
ATL-1510-4X-DC 4 Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU LCD, SNMP, DSX Port 48VDC
ATL-1510-L Single Port T1/FT1 CSU/DSU, SNMP - SPARTAN
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