Raymar-Telenetics DSP9612 Flash Poll Modem

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Telenetics DSP9612 Flash Poll Modem

Raymar Telenetics new DSP 9600 / DSP9612 Flash Poll Modem, is the ideal for use in industrial and harsh environmental applications.The Telenetics FlashPoll DSP9612 is a dual mode, full-featured 9600 Fast Poll and Bell 202T leased line modem with the fastest training time in the industry: 23 msec RTS/CTS delay. Ideal for utility and industrial automation multi-drop applications, including SCADA systems, traffic automation, and oil & gas automation projects where an unlimited number of drops is desirable.The Telenetics DSP9612 is a standalone modem designed for 4-wire, full-duplex, or 2-wire, half-duplex operation over a voice-band leased line or private wire/unloaded metallic circuit. The modem design utilizes the latest digital-signal processing (DSP) technology to achieve high performance. 
  • Dual Mode: 9600/4800 bps and FSK, Bell202T 0-1800 bps
  • Fast train modem equalizer with 23 msec RTS/CTS delay
  • DSP design with automatic adaptive equalizer
  • Leased line interface protected with heavy-duty surge protection
  • Installs in the Raymar-Telenetics and Motorola RM16 Universal Data Shelf
  • DSP9612FP Powered by 85-265 VAC, 85-400 VDC
  • DSP9612-LV Powered by low voltage DC, 10-53VDC
  • Optimizes comm links where high speed or multi-point drops are necessary
Data rate: 9600 or 4800 bps asynchronous, +1 % - 2.5%
Bell 202T Mode: 0 - 1800 bps asynchronous,
Data format: 8 or 9 data bits with 1 or more stop bits
Line requirement: TELCO Voice band 4 or 2 wire leased line
Private metallic circuits: 26 to 19 AWG
Operating modes: 2-wire half-duplex or 4-wire full-duplex
Modulation: QAM
Equalizer: Automatic, adaptive
Training time: RTS to CTS delay, 23 ms
Cable equalizer: Fixed transmitter and receiver cable equalizer, selectable (each cable equalizer is half of a 25 K ft 24 AWG cable)
Power supply: 85 to 265VAC, 50/60 Hz or 85 to 400VDC
Surge protection: Provided at power line and leased line Up to 15KV (Standalone version)
Carrier loss recovery: Built-in Train on Data (typically less than 30 sec)
Receiver Dynamic Range: +3 to -30 dbm or -10 to -43 dbm (DIP switch selectable)
Operating Temperature: -40C to +85C

Telenetics DSP 9612 Flash Poll Standalone
Part Number Description
DSP9612FP FP, 1200/4800/9600, LL, BELL202T & V.23, 85-265VAC/400VDC, US
DSP9612FP-220 FP, 1200/4800/9600, LL, BELL202T & V.23, 85-265VAC/400VDC, EU
DSP9612FP-220UK FP, 1200/4800/9600, LL, BELL202T & V.23, 85-265VAC/400VDC, UK
DSP9612-LV FP, 1200/4800/9600, LL, BELL202T & V.23, 10-53VDC, Term Block
Telenetics DSP 9612 Flash Poll Rackmount
Part Number Description
DSP9612-RM FP, 1200/4800/9600, LL, BELL202T & V.23, 85-265VAC/400VDC, US
MD9612FP FP, 1200/4800/9600, LL, BELL202T & V.23, PP-MP, MYRIAD RM

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